How Long Does it Take to Edit a Wedding Video? Unveiling Its Editing Timelines

Your wedding day is a cherished memory, a beautiful tapestry woven by countless precious moments. As a professional video editing company, we understand the importance of preserving these priceless memories in a stunning cinematic masterpiece. However, many couples often wonder, “How long does it take to edit a wedding video?” The answer is multi-faceted, as various factors come into play, each contributing to the creation of a truly exceptional final product.

Why Wedding Video Editing Takes Time

Behind every breathtaking wedding film lies hours of meticulously stitching together clips. Here’s why:

Sifting Through Hours of Footage Wedding videographers capture every moment – ceremonies, speeches, dances. Editors comb through each second to find the best shots. More footage = more editing time.

Crafting a Cinematic Narrative Simply piecing clips together won’t suffice. Top editors sculpt a cinematic narrative – by setting the pacing, adding transitions, and color grading. This artistic process is time-intensive.

Polishing Every Detail From adjusting audio levels to ensuring seamless flow, polishing requires a keen eye for detail. Small refinements make a huge impact visually.

Factors Affecting the Editing Timeline

1. Length of Coverage

Length of the Wedding Day The duration of the wedding celebration directly impacts the editing timeline. A 6-hour event with multiple venues will involve more footage than a 2-hour ceremony. Longer weddings mean lengthier editing timelines.

2. Shooting Ratio

The quantity of raw footage captured by your videographers plays a crucial role. More footage means more material to sift through, organize, and carefully curate to create a cohesive story.

3. Editing Style

Cinematic edits with extensive effects, graphics, and color grading take far longer than documentary-style cuts.

4. Additional Elements

If you desire to incorporate additional elements such as drone footage, time-lapses, or specialized graphics, the editing process becomes more intricate, extending the timeline.

5. Number of Revisions

Revisions and Feedback Most professional video editing companies factor in time for revisions and feedback from couples. This collaborative process ensures that the final product aligns with your vision and expectations.

Average Wedding Video Editing Timelines

How Long Does it Take to Edit a Wedding Video

While every wedding is unique, most post-production companies require the following approximate timelines for a high-quality wedding video:

  • Short-Form Highlight Film (3-5 minutes): 12 Hours to 1 week
  • Full-Length Edited Film (60-90 minutes): 1-2 weeks
  • Cinematically Edited Film (10-20 minutes): 2-4 weeks

These are just estimates and can vary based on the factors mentioned above as every video is unique. But this provides a general idea of wedding video editing turnaround times. Also if you are wondering about the pricing read the article cost of video editing.

Wedding Videos Editing Process

To better understand the time investment, let’s take a closer look at the intricate steps involved in the editing process:

  1. Footage Organization and Selection
    • Reviewing and organizing all raw footage
    • Selecting the best clips and moments
  2. Rough Cut and Storyline
    • Assembling a rough timeline
    • Crafting a cohesive storyline
  3. Fine-tuning and Polishing
    • Refining pacing and transitions
    • Color grading and visual enhancements
    • Adding music and audio adjustments
  4. Revisions and Final Delivery
    • Incorporating client feedback
    • Exporting final video files
    • Delivering the edited masterpiece

Behind every stunning wedding video lies a meticulous editing process, where patience, creativity, and attention to detail converge to immortalize your love story in cinematic brilliance.


Can you give me a ballpark estimate for editing our 8-hour wedding?

For an 8-hour event with multiple venues and ceremonies, you can expect a 60-90 minute full edited film to take roughly 1-2 weeks for completion from a professional editor. Timelines can vary based on shooting ratio, stylistic approach, revisions needed, etc.

Q2: What’s the difference between a highlight film and a full edit?

A highlight film is a shorter cinematic narrative, usually 3-5 minutes, capturing the most emotional/highlight moments. A full edit provides more comprehensive coverage of the entire day’s events – typically 60-90 minutes in length.

We want to add some aerial drone shots. How much will that extend the timeline?

Incorporating additional elements like drone footage will increase editing time, as it involves more footage to review, stabilize, and seamlessly integrate those shots. Expect at least 1 week added for specialized elements.

What editing style takes the longest – documentary or cinematic?

Cinematic edits that involve extensive use of color grading, visual effects, graphics and specialized shooting techniques (e.g. slow motion) demand significantly more editing time compared to a documentary/candid editing approach.

Why should we hire professionals instead of having a friend edit on iMovie?

Professional editors bring years of experience, cutting-edge software, creative storytelling abilities and dedicated attention to your film. Amateur edits often lack polish, pacing and may fall short in capturing the true emotion/majesty of your day.

What’s the typical turnaround time for editing just the ceremony?

If you only need the ceremony segment edited, we can provide that 30-60 minute segment within 2 to 3 days, as there is less footage to work through compared to a full wedding edit.

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